About Us

We are a small family owned and operated manufacturer of dairy pipeline and wash controls. All of our equipment comes with a one year warranty and free technical support. We carry all of the necessary parts and accessories to repair and replace all of our equipment and pride ourselves in our ability to offer same day shipping on most items.


Bender Machine Works, Inc. was established in Milwaukee WI in the early 1940’s by Lloyd F. Bender. “Gramps” as he was affectionately known by his grandchildren moved the company to a farm in Hayward WI in 1950. The farm was previously the location of his wife’s childhood home. The Parker Farm became the permanent site of Bender Dairy Equipment.

In the early 1950’s Benders was the largest manufacturer of milking machine washing equipment in the United States and the products were sold around the world. Lloyd milked cows on the farm for several years and used his own herd to develop and test many of the machines which became standard production items.

In keeping with the growing dairy farm industry, Lloyd went on to develop some of the very first automated “clean-in-place” or CIP milk pipeline systems. The systems were constructed similar to automatic dishwashers with mechanical fill, drain, soap dispensing, and various wash cycles. Bender’s continues to manufacture these types of washing systems.

In 1978, Bender started producing equipment for DeLaval. And in 1984 for GEA; formerly Westfalia-Surge. The DeLaval 3000-8500 Pipeline Washer and the Meltec 8500 Pipeline Washer are still available today and can be purchased from DeLaval and GEA dealers.

In 1988 Lloyd’s daughter Judy and her husband Ron took over the business running it for many years until Ron’s retirement in 2008. Their son Jeff and his wife Cindy now run the business and employ another of Lloyd’s grandsons, Steve who covers quality control in the area of shipping and receiving and provides essential technical support.