Bender 8500 Pipeline Washer

Bender 8500 Pipeline Washer

The 8500 Pipeline Washer is by far the most economical CIP washer in the Bender lineup. The 8500 is dependable, easy to operate and even easier to maintain. The 8500 features a standard 8 minute wash cycle with a 6 minute option. Cold acid/sanitize cycles for both wash times as well as a warm option.
Components for the 8500 are inexpensive and easily serviced or replaced. We went with clear jars to aid in viewing the chemicals for proper amount and dispense when the wash cycle is completed.

We carry a full inventory of rebuild kits and replacement parts to keep your operation up and running!

*Available in 120V or 240V

8950 Monitor Clean Control

BENDER 8950 Monitor Clean Control

The 8950 is our Timer Control Box. It is used to control our 9590 and 9595 Pump Dispensers and our 9740 Three Jar Dispenser. In addition to controlling Bender equipment, the 8950 can be used to control any 120V dispenser on the market.

The 8950 features a standard 8 minute wash cycle with a 6 minute option. A failsafe is included to turn off the washer and an indicator light alerts of a potential wash problem. A 24-hour clock is included as an option for automatic pre-sanitizing.

The 8950 is an economical system with all of the necessary features to get the job done without breaking the bank!

*Available in 120V or 240V

3 Pump Dispensers (9590 - 9595 - 9590A – 9595A)

BENDER 3 Pump Dispensers (9590 – 9595 – 9590A – 9595A)

The Bender 3-Peristaltic Pump Dispensers are available in several configurations and available with or without water valves and with or without cycle timers. Our dispensers are adaptable to just about any CIP system on the market and come with proprietary squeeze tubes and heavy duty motors.

Give us a call so we can help you decide which configuration is best for use with your operation.

9650 Solid State Control

BENDER 9650 Solid State Control

The Bender 9650 Solid State Control Unit is part of a two-box system used to control our 9590A, 9595A and 9740 Dispensers. In addition to controlling Bender equipment, the 9650 can be used to control any 120V dispensing units on the market. The 9650 has more adjustability for hard to wash systems. Every cycle in the wash sequence is adjustable in 3 second increments. The adjustability allows for better results with an affordable price point.

9740 Three Jar Dispenser

BENDER 9740 Three Jar Dispenser

The 9740 is Benders least expensive unit for our two-box systems and can be combined with either of our control modules to make a complete pipeline wash system. Includes hot and cold serviceable water valves and we have eliminated the need for a manifold inside! All fittings are thread and liquid taped for leak free operation. The unit comes with 25 ft. of water hose and sink bracket. It’s simple and it works!

*Available in 120V or 240V

Air Injectors

BENDER Air Injectors (1185 – 9300 – 2800)

Air injectors are necessary for a complete wash of your pipeline system. Air injectors work by introducing “slugs” of air into the pipeline which provides a better scrubbing effect. There are three different models to accommodate smaller systems to larger hard to wash systems. Contact us to discuss which injector is right for you.

*Available in 120V or 240V

BENDER 7540 Diverter Valve

The sink-mounted electrically operated diverter valve allows the heavily soiled initial rinse water to be diverted directly to a drain thus creating no need to recirculate milky rinse water which can contaminate wash lines. The diverter valve speeds up the drain time at the end of wash cycles for improved cleaning efficiency of automatic pipeline washers.

*Available in 120V or 240V